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ENJOY. provides a fun, unique shopping experience while connecting people with goods that enrich the lives of both the maker and the wearer. This includes fair trade items, organically grown textiles, eco-conscious wares, one-of-a-kind artisan goods, and much more.

We’re excited to be a part of the Designer-Maker movement happening throughout the world by selling items made by designers who have a passion for their craft and who produce their work while employing fairly those who share their passion.

​Whether you’re a Shelburne Falls local or a passing visitor on a whirlwind tour of New England, ENJOY. has something truly unique. Joy Sullivan, the owner of ENJOY., has an eye for style and a passion for sustainability. You are sure to discover a diverse collection of clothing, accessories and gifts.

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Community is very important to me – locally and globally. When we work together in trust and good faith, magic happens! I carry this philosophy to my customers, so they can love what they’ve bought and experience a unique and authentic space in which they can feel good about purchasing items that are made with integrity. When my customers shop at ENJOY., they are helping support someone who loves what they do at every step of the supply chain.

My Background

I’m proud to have made a lifetime career in retail. My first job in high school was doing visual displays for a small JC Penney’s in my hometown. Through college I worked in various retail establishments – always enjoying the atmosphere working with product, guests and co-workers. It has always felt like second nature. For the last 20 plus years I’ve been with a local women’s clothing store and spent the last 8 years as their clothing and accessories buyer.  It was a boon to be affiliated with such a successful and reputable family owned business.

Life is precious! As a retailer, I take this into the products I carry by carefully selecting merchandise that is made with ethical practices and with environmental sustainability in mind.

ENJOY. Was Meant to Be

I come from a fourth-generation farming family in central California with an entrepreneurial streak on my mom’s side. My grandfather cared deeply for the family farm, but instead of making it his life’s work, he followed his dream working with cars, tractors, and trucks. With this passion, he opened his own repair shop that eventually grew into a car, truck and semi-truck enterprise! He believed in the power of community which is a value held dear to my beliefs.

It's a Dream Come True

It is an honor to share this vision with my customers. Through cultivating and curating clothing, accessories and gifts I look forward to giving my customers a unique experience. When customers come to ENJOY. whether it be for something specific, a day of exploration, or a refreshing little get-away, I work to deliver a comfortable, welcoming and enjoyable experience.  This is how customers become friends – a community!

To actually own my own shop, in a place that has delivered me so much beauty and happiness, is a dream come true.

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Located on the Deerfield River in Shelburne Falls.